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Scott Hunter

My name is Scott Hunter, and my wife Paula and I are Drama Teachers. When my wife took over the Drama department at Hesperia High School, only five students had signed up for the advanced drama class. We decided, to build the department, everybody who wanted a part, would get a part. When she also decided they all had to have lines, we had to start writing the plays. By our second year we were double casting and have been doing so ever since. And the plays kept getting bigger. Over the years we have had this partnership: I adapt the plays, she directs the plays, I write her amazing blocking into the script, and I get to take credit for it.

Doing large cast plays has worked out for us. This year, over 170 students tried out for our fall play, and we live in the high desert, forty miles from any professional theater. If you really want to know a little bit more about us, my wife's high school was featured in the award winning documentary Shakespeare High.

Susan C. Hunter

The other plays on our site are by Susan C. Hunter. She is an award winning playwright and also a High School Drama Teacher.  Susan C. Hunter's credits include several published plays and numerous productions of her work across the country.  Her full-length play, Flights, has been produced both in New York City and Los Angeles.  Karma, the Musical, written in collaboration with composer Les Oreck, was produced at Write Act Repertory in Hollywood, where she is a resident playwright, director, and actress. In addition, she has had several one-acts produced nationwide, including The Tell Tailfeather, Season’s End, The Camel’s Back, Traffic Jam, High Hopes, Tired Feet and Dancing Shoes, Heart-to-Heart, Eternal Flame, Deadline, and Springer Sprung. Many of her works were developed in association with Lisa Soland's All Original Playwright Workshop in North Hollywood, California. Her husband, Michael Eiden, is a stage director, and her two children, Emily and Andrew, are actors.

Tom Shelton

Tom Shelton is an accomplished writer, composer, musical director, teacher and actor. In addition to his work with long-time collaborator Susan Hunter, he has written a series of successful murder mysteries with Alyssa Canann produced by The Gourmet Detective throughout Southern California, including Darling, You Slay Me! and Stay Tuned For Murder. Other original works include The Man Who Shot The Man Who Shot Jesse James, The Disciple's Undoing, Speak Easy, Liberty Hall and a long string of classic fairy tales musically adapted for the Barnsdall Theater in Hollywood.