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Simple, unit sets

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Some people put on nice, quiet plays, but some people are crazy enough to put on plays with large casts. If you belong in the second group, these large cast plays might be for you.


Large cast plays with more parts for women, served extra-large with everything on them.

Scroogette, a Modern

The Musical

The True Story of

42 speaking parts

32+ speaking parts: 15m,17f

50 speaking parts: 18m, 12f, 20m/f

48+ speaking parts: 12m,16f,20+m/f

22 speaking parts: 12m, 10f

33 speaking parts: 5m, 12f, 16m/f


MORE PARTS FOR WOMEN: These plays were originally performed at the High School and Middle School level. Chances are you have more girls try out than boys, so our ratio of parts reflects that statistic.

COMEDIES: Big, over-the-top, physical, commedia dell'arte style comedies.


NARRATORS: We use lots of narrators. Alice in Wonderland, As You Like It, A Christmas Carol,  and The Taming of the Shrew all have groups of storytellers moving the action along. This gives us extra parts and the storytellers can always step in and play a part and still fulfill their duties as a narrator. Candide, The Wizard of Oz and Peter Pan are all narrated by specific characters. Peter Pan is narrated by Tinkerbell and The Wizard of Oz by Toto, neither of whom would have lines otherwise.


PLAYS WITHIN PLAYS: Candide, Peter Pan, The Taming of the Shrew, and As You Like It are all designed as plays within plays. It helps us explain certain elements; why are so many girls playing boys parts, or why don’t the sets look professional?

PARTS FOR FRESHMAN: Many of our plays have optional scenes with small parts especially made for our Freshman. Sheep, Minions, Changeling Fairies, China Dolls, and more Sheep, the parts don't have to be played by Freshman, but you never know what you're going to find when you give a Freshman a few lines.


SETS: The sets are all pretty simple. There is a unit set in back, and we roll on 4 x 8 platforms for anything else. We had to build all our sets in the drama classroom and transport them across town in U-hauls and pickup trucks to another school's cafeteria. So our entire set had to fit through a single classroom door.

OUR PHILOSOPHY: Everybody gets a part.  We're not saying large casts are easy. We're certainly not saying we're improving Shakespeare or Peter Pan, but we are saying we have amazing curtain calls.

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35 speaking parts: 7m,13f,15m/f

45 speaking parts: 12m, 26f, 7m/f

15 speaking parts

50+ speaking parts: 7m, 12f, 35m/f

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31 speaking parts: 6m, 19f, 6m/f

25 speaking parts: 7m, 13f, 5m/f

35 speaking parts: 7m,13f,15m/f

A Collage of Mexican Folktales

Copyright 2013. Scott Hunter. All rights reserved

Toto Tells All