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The biggest difference between our version and other versions of Alice is that every time Alice drinks something marked drink me or eats something marked eat me, instead of changing size or shape, she turns into a completely different girl, or, in one case, a boy.  This solves a problem that in a traditional Alice, one little blonde girl has to deliver 350 lines. In our production six different Alices delivered fifty or sixty lines each. It also means you are not stuck with a traditional look for Alice. We have used all sizes shapes and races for our Alices over the years.

It simplifies rehearsals because your actors can  go off and practice multiple scenes simultaneously, since the same Alice isn’t in every scene.

We have also tried to hash out a through action for Alice rather than to be just the story of a girl who falls asleep and wakes up.  Alice's sister leads her through a series of life lessons, teaching her to be herself by being other people. At the same time, our Alice is very true to the original work, with help from Through the Looking Glass.

50+ speaking parts: almost all gender neutral